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LG’s new InstaView fridge comes with Amazon’s Alexa

by Brandon Russell | January 4, 2017January 4, 2017 9:30 am PST


Amazon’s Alexa is gaining a new and unique skill thanks to a fresh partnership with LG. At a press conference at CES on Wednesday, Amazon announced its Alexa platform will live inside a new LG fridge, dubbed InstaView.

The whole point is to allow home owners to shop and order items with their voice. If you see that your fridge is low on milk, for example, you can simply tell Alexa. Milk will be on its way in no time. While the fridge seems like an odd place for Alexa, it shows how flexible Amazon’s assistant is. I’m guessing LG’s InstaView fridge won’t be the only new place we find Alexa this year.

LG and Amazon didn’t show off too much at the press conference but there isn’t much to know beyond Alexa being in your freaking fridge. All of the assistant’s capabilities are present, so you can play your music, add items to your list, and more. It seems much more practical to buy an Echo instead of an all-new fridge, but such is the progress of technology.

The fridge is a technological marvel

LG’s InstaView fridge is among the market’s most technically advanced appliances. It comes with “door-in-door” technology, which allows users to knock twice on the panel and see what’s inside the fridge, along with webOS. These might seem like an unnecessary innovations but LG says being able to peer into your fridge from the outside saves time and energy.

Additionally, InstaView features an auto open door, a “custom chill pantry,” and FRESHShield cooling, which LG says is designed to create a cold air barrier inside the InstaView. It looks beautiful but looks like it might be only for the most affluent of consumers. No price of release date was revealed.

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