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Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen showed off for the first time… by some random guy

by Ron Duwell | January 25, 2017January 25, 2017 6:00 am PST

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of great features to be excited about. In fact, there are so many that Nintendo seems to have overlooked the most obvious of them all: the touchscreen!

I mean, who knows? Maybe Nintendo just takes touchscreens for granted now that it’s made four different consoles that have employed them. Or it assumes that everyone knows a Nintendo console will have a touchscreen in 2017 anyway. Whatever the reason, the company still has not explained or shown how the console will make use of its central feature.

Maybe it’s because no actual Nintendo games use the touchscreen yet. YouTube channel GamingWithMe needed to turn to Skylanders to find footage of the touchscreen in use and the Switch’s media hands-on event. Like he says in the video at the 6:35 mark, this random guy from the Skylanders team makes the Internet debut of the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen long before the company itself did.

And as GamingWithMe points out, it’s a very accurate and responsive touchscreen as well!

Where are the touch games, Nintendo?

Yup, so there it is. The big question remains, “How Nintendo will employ any use out of this touchscreen besides navigating menus?” We’ve seen no footage of actual Nintendo games themselves, but with World of Goo already confirmed for a release on the console, my bet is that it will take full advantage. Could Nintendo’s strategy be to sit back and see what the indie market does with it first?

Or is highlighting the touchscreen part of the console distracting from the other qualities; meaning, would mainstream consumers believe it’s just a tablet? Maybe Nintendo wants the world to focus on the tech in its $80 Joy-Con controllers instead.


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