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Pirates crack Resident Evil 7’s anti-piracy tech, Denuvo, in 5 days

by Joey Davidson | January 30, 2017January 30, 2017 1:00 pm PST

Denuvo is the anti-piracy and anti-tampering software running on modern games that’s often touted as extremely difficult to crack. It has taken months to deal with on previous titles.

Pirates and crackers, though, are a persistent lot. They managed to break Denuvo on Resident Evil 7, the latest version of the software, in just five days.

The crack on Denuvo will affect lots of games

Resident Evil 7 was running the most recent version of Denuvo. The successful crack means that games that make use of Denuvo before any work is done to fix the exploit are as good as cracked, too. The anti-piracy tech creators will need to get back to work at fixing the software.

Denuvo’s used by lots of publishers on their games. EA, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Square Enix, Bethesda… the list goes on. Denuvo will be in For HonorGhost Recon: Wildlands and more, too, and we’re not sure what will happen with those games following this crack.


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