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Your computer is vulnerable, but there are quick and easy solutions

by Sean P. Aune | October 12, 2017October 12, 2017 12:30 pm PST

When you’re a small business owner you need to be an expert in everything, not just your business, but in finance, HR, and IT. When you’re juggling so many balls at once — but don’t let security be one of them when there are ways for you to hand off this maddening task. From keeping your firewall settings up-to-date to making sure sensitive documents are securely disposed of, you can use Staples for your security needs.

For years now Staples has been working to provide services and solutions to ensure their customers and their products are safe and secure and now it can come to your rescue, cheaper than ever.

October is Security Month at Staples, and in an effort to get everyone as protected as possible, the company is offering a 50 percent discount to get your small business systems protected. Normally it costs $199.99 for Staples to come to your office for a security assessment, or $99.99 if you want them to remote into your PC, but thanks to that discount you’re looking at $100 and $50 respectively.

What will a Staples tech associate do for you? A lot. First, they will install either Norton or McAfee on your system to monitor for issues that come up, but these aren’t your normal off-the-shelf versions- they do not remain constantly connected to the internet to search, which would potentially slow down your system. You also aren’t going to have to deal with popups that consumers are so familiar with. Instead, you get an occasional email, including one 60 days before your renewal with Staples. Let’s face it, emails are far more pleasant than popups.

Secondly, Staples-associated tech specialists will install software that allows them to remotely access your computer when you need it. These trained IT professionals can then remotely log in when you request and clean up your system for you or discover the source of any issues.

Once your computer is secure, what about old school paper? We’re constantly asked to fill out documents with our tax ids, social security number and other sensitive data-not to mention proprietary business material. Throwing away those documents as-is can make your confidential information vulnerable to theft. They should be shredded securely.

Luckily, Staples has you covered and in-store can securely shred all of your sensitive documents through its partnership with Iron Mountain.

During this October promotion, up to 2 pounds of paper waste is completely free to be fed into the shredders, and anything over that you pay for. If you’re anything like us, there’s always some paper to be destroyed, and just getting it done in one go sure sounds like a more pleasant way to handle things.

Staples has industrial shredders in its stores where you can bring in your sensitive documents to be destroyed. During this October promotion, up to 2 pounds of paper waste is completely free to be fed into the shredders, and anything over that you pay for. If you’re anything like us, paper tends to pile up—we know you’ve been “meaning to shred it”—so make October the month you finally get it taken care of.

You can take a look at all of Staples’ security products and October deals at

This post was sponsored by Staples.

Sean P. Aune

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