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Apple is here to stay, for the time being

by Danny Zepeda | January 13, 2017January 13, 2017 4:30 pm PDT

Apple took its lumps last year, and deservedly so. The iPhone was an incremental upgrade and sales were down while most of its Mac line, aside from the MacBook Pro, continued to be let out in the cold, going on years since their last upgrades (Mac Pro, iMac, etc.). This sets the background to Peter Thiel’s proclamation that the age of Apple is over.

No, it’s not.

Our own Todd Hasselton, who has criticized Apple for falling behind Microsoft and Samsung, rebutted Thiel’s statement, but Jon decided to address the matter with a different perspective.

Yes, some of the luster has worn off Apple’s sterling reputation with its head-scratching moves like ditching the headphone jack and prematurely jumping the gun with other ports in the new MacBook Pro, but its reign is by no means over. Apple is still reeling in mountains of cash even though the iPhone isn’t selling as well as it once was. The smartphone market has plateaued with little to no room left for innovation, but with iPhone sales still high, Apple is still making profits off of its bread and butter product.

Tim Cook has also pivoted towards new directions to offset some of the waning demand for iPads. Apple is getting in on the original programming game, buying Carpool Karaoke and planning for more TV shows. Last year, new rules were implemented into the App Store in which developers would only have to pay Apple a 15% fee (instead of the 30%) if they used a subscription-based pay model.

Apple is making moves to stay ahead of the shifting curb. Will their moves pay off? Only time will tell. But for a company the size of Apple to go belly up in a couple years, I don’t see that happening.

Check out the video above to see more of Jon’s thoughts on the matter.

Danny Zepeda

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